BD microtainer, contact-activate lancet, 2mm x 1.5mm, Box/200


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Product Overview

BD Safety Lancet Microtainer™ is a fixed depth lancet blade that is designed to provide a safe and efficient blood sampling experience. With a depth of 1.5 mm and a blade pressure activation, it ensures that blood is collected with minimal discomfort to the patient

Product Features

  • Has an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip
  • Activates only when it is positioned and pressed against the skin
  • Covers only a small area at contact point, which improves visibility of the desired puncture site
  • One-step activation promotes safety with fast, precise, and consistent punctures

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU MF-366594
Application  Safety Lancet
Blade Size / Depth  2.0 mm Blade / 1.5 mm Depth
Color  Blue
Activation Method Push Button Activation
Activation Method Pressure Activated
Type High Flow
QTY 200 /box