Price Match Guarantee Policy (PMG Policy)

You will get the best price on your order – and we guarantee it. If you find one of our products on a different site at a better price, we will beat it. Here is how our price match guarantee works:

  • We price match with selected competitors who are based in and operate in the United States and sell similar products.
  • Similar product descriptions include Made in USA and Export Quapty.
  • The company must be a brand authorized by the manufacturer. We will not price match with other sellers who get their products from a third party and not the manufacturer directly.
  • We do not price match products available on reseller sites pke eBay and Amazon.
  • The product for the price match must be an identical product and available for purchase immediately. Products available from another company on pre-order, backorder, or clearance sale are not epgible for the price match guarantee.
  • Products that are on sale are not covered in the price match guarantee.