Tissue Homogenizer

  • Tissue Homogenizer Low-temperature (-40℃)


    Tissue Homogenizer Low-temperature (-40℃)

    Product Description KZ-Ⅲ-FP -40 °C is the lowest temperature that can be achieved with a low-temperature tissue homogenizer. To cause the frozen sample in the grinding tube to collide with the grinding beads, a vertical oscillation mechanism is...

  • Tissue Homogenizer Low Temperature


    Tissue Homogenizer Low Temperature -50C

    Product Description TThe SWE-FP is a recently improved low-temperature homogenizer that includes a freezing table and can reach a chamber temperature of -50 °C. The vertical shaking system's high-speed reciprocating motion causes the frozen sample...

  • 3D Cryogenic Tissue Homogenizer Grinder


    3D Cryogenic Tissue Homogenizer Grinder

    Product Description The 3D Tissue Homogenizer (-40 °C) operates in a three-dimensional integrated mode. The sample moves in space in a 3D "" shape and crushes the sample in only a few seconds. It is appropriate for research centers, universities,...

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