3D Cryogenic Tissue Homogenizer Grinder


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Product Description

The 3D Tissue Homogenizer (-40 °C) operates in a three-dimensional integrated mode. The sample moves in space in a 3D "" shape and crushes the sample in only a few seconds. It is appropriate for research centers, universities, agricultural educational institutions, and biological laboratories. The Frozen Sample from the 3D homogenizer Protein denaturation and nucleic acid breakdown are largely prevented by grinding. The process of grinding produces little heat, nearly no damage to proteins and nucleic acids, and has a high level of integrity. It is appropriate for building gene libraries, cloning, and whole-gene sequencing.

Product Features

Various types of samples can be processed, including:
A. Effective at crushing and grinding a variety of plant tissues, including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, and other specimens
B. Appropriate for crushing and grinding a variety of animal tissues, such as brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, and other samples
C. Appropriate for germs and cells to be crushed and ground
G. Grinding and crushing tools appropriate for analyzing and locating food and medication components

Utilizing a closed, disposable centrifuge tube can successfully prevent sample contamination;
The experiment is highly repeatable, and it is possible to achieve the same grinding result by using the same grinding frequency and time.
Temperature control precision: 1 °C; Compressor refrigeration range: -40°C to room temperature

1. It can process up to 24 samples at the same time within 15 seconds and complete sample grinding quickly, efficiently, and with high throughput.
2. Using a special three-dimensional integrated operation mode, the sample moves in a three-dimensional shape in space with efficient grinding and better stability.
3. A wide range of samples can be processed, including plant tissues (such as rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts, etc.), animal tissues (such as muscle, small intestine, heart, lung, fur, bone, etc.), microorganisms, and various Chinese medicinal materials, medicines, etc.
4. The grinding process adopts a closed disposable centrifuge tube, which effectively avoids cross-contamination between samples.
5. Preset 10 groups of common tissue grinding parameters to optimize grinding conditions for different specimens.
6. Homogenizing speed: 3m/s–8 m/s; the actual speed can reach 4500 rpm; working time: 0 seconds–99 minutes; the user can set it.
7. Maximum feed size: no requirement, adjusted according to the adapter.
8. Emergency stop button: It can be photographed at any time during the grinding process, and the instrument will stop running immediately, which is fast and safe.
9. Electromagnetic safety lock: screen click control, automatically unlocking when power is off; the cover cannot be opened during the working process until the end of the grinding process, and the whole process is protected.
10. The knob-type gland fixes the grinding tube, and the safety lock prevents the thread from slipping and loosening, which makes the sample placement safer and the fixation more reliable.
11. Provide no less than 60 SCI-cited papers as experimental guidance.
12. Grinding method: wet grinding, dry grinding, low-temperature grinding
13. Compressor refrigeration: cool down to below zero within 10 minutes of starting the machine temperature range: -40°C to room temperature
14. Noise level: 65 db.

Product Specifications

Model MF-KZ-5F-3D
process Capacity 24 samples at the same time within 15 seconds
Operation Mode 3-Dimensions
Samples processed A wide range, plant tissues, animal tissues & microorganisms and various
Grinding Process Closed Disposable Centrifuge Tube
Homogenizing speed 3m/s-8m/s, the actual speed can reach 4500rpm
working Time 0 seconds-99 minutes
Maximum Feed Size no requirement, adjusted according to the adapter
Emergency stop button  Yes
Electromagnetic safety lock
Screen click control, which unlocks automatically when the power is turned off; the cover cannot be opened while working until the grinding process is complete.
Grinding method
wet grinding, dry grinding, low temperature grinding
Compressor refrigeration
Cool down to below zero within 10 minutes of starting the machine, temperature range: -40°C - room temperature