3D Shaker Laboratory Decolorization Composite, Orbital Shaker with LED Display


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Product Description

Shakers are frequently used to block blotting membranes, incubate antibodies, wash, fix, stain, and remove stains from electrophoretic gels in laboratory testing. It may also be used to shake and mix liquids in centrifuge tubes, multi-well plates, Petri dishes, and culture bottles. The Servicebio shaker has horizontal, pendulum, and 3D composite movement modes, an LCD display, knob-type control controls, and a digital timing function.

Product Features

  • Individually, you can utilize Pendulum mode, Horizontal mode, and Composite mode.
  • Automatic leveling function, which will automatically level the device after any mode operation
  • By modifying the level and relative operation speed of the pendulum, the combined operation mode may obtain the optimal result.
  • Using a stepper motor makes the speed more precise; the shell is integrally made and leak-proof; and the base plate has been coated with an anti-rust treatment, making it more robust.

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU DS-3D100
Product Power 25W
Voltage 110V~220V 50Hz/60H
Speed Range 5-100 rpm
Radius of Gyration 15mm
Angle of Swing 10°
3D composite mode 10%-100%
Product Net Weight 9.5 Kg