Tissue Homogenizer Low-temperature (-40℃)


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Product Description

KZ-Ⅲ-FP -40 °C is the lowest temperature that can be achieved with a low-temperature tissue homogenizer. To cause the frozen sample in the grinding tube to collide with the grinding beads, a vertical oscillation mechanism is used to reciprocate quickly. It is a specialized piece of equipment for one-time rapid processing of numerous samples in research facilities, educational institutions, agricultural research facilities, biomedical laboratories, food testing, and other fields. The tissue is fully broken.

It is inefficient to process more than one sample at a time in a traditional mortar. It takes significantly longer to process samples since equipment like the mortar needs to be cleaned and disinfected repeatedly.

Product Features

1. Low Temperature Homogenizer Sample Grinding -40
2. Dry grinding, wet grinding and homogenization of samples can be performed.
3. Can be replaced with different capacity adapters 0.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 50ml.
4. 24 samples at the same time (upgradable to process 60 samples at the same time).
5.Suitable for grinding and crushing of various plant tissues including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples
6. Grinding and crushing suitable for the analysis and detection of food and drug components
7. Refrigeration function: -40℃ to room temperature; Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

Product Specifications

Process Capacity 24 samples at the same time in 1 minute (upgrade to process 60 samples at the same time)
Multiple adapters are available
Lowest Cooling Temperature -40℃
Operating mode Special three-dimensional vibration mode of up and down and left and right shaking, the grinding is more sufficient.
Temperature control precision
Adapter specification
24*0.5ml; 48*2ml; 32*2ml; 60*2ml; 12*5ml; 10*10ml; 4*30ml; 2*50ml
Freezing table
Special Adapter
An optional 60-hole adapter can be installed
Emergency stop button
Electromagnetic Safety Lock
Screen click control with automatic power-off unlocking
Maximum feeding size
No requirements, adjustable according to the adapter
Cooling method Compressor cooling