Tissue Homogenizer Low Temperature -50C


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Product Description

TThe SWE-FP is a recently improved low-temperature homogenizer that includes a freezing table and can reach a chamber temperature of -50 °C. The vertical shaking system's high-speed reciprocating motion causes the frozen sample inside the grinding tube to crash onto the grinding bead, completely degrading the tissue as a result of the impact and shear forces. It is a specialized device that satisfies the demands of quick multi-sample processing because it can process up to 192 samples simultaneously in one minute.

Product Features

1. Low-temperature freezing table
2. Equipped with a low-temperature freezing table It can meet the needs of sample storage, electrophoresis, membrane transfer, and other low-temperature experiments.
3. Imported compressor,lowest cooling temperature of -50 °C,low temperature grinding throughout the process,reducing degradation of proteins and RNA.
4. To efficiently and effectively complete sample grinding with high throughput, up to 192 samples can be processed simultaneously in 1 minute (24 samples can be processed with standard processing).
5. Multiple adapters are available

Product Specifications

Process Capacity Up to 192 samples can be processed simultaneously
Multiple adapters are available
Lowest Cooling Temperature -50℃
Operating mode The vertical shaking system moves back and forth at high speed
Temperature control precision
Standard spec
24*2 mL
Adapter specification
A) 24x0.5mL.24x2mL.48x2mL.
B) 32x2mL.60x2mL.96x2mL.
C) 12x5mL.10x10mL. 4x30mL(steel can).
D) 6x5 mL (steel can). 8x15mL(steel can)
E) 2x50 mL (steel can). 96x2 mL (2 pieces of 96-deep well plates)
Freezing table
Adapter Fixing Method
Working Time
Emergency stop button
Electromagnetic Safety Lock
Screen click control with automatic power-off unlocking
Maximum feeding size
No requirements, adjustable according to the adapter
Cooling method Compressor cooling
Transport screws Yes (2 at the bottom)
Lower cooling temperature can reach -50℃. low temperature freezing table,
Protects samples and meets low-temperature needs for Western Blot experiments, electrophoresis, and transfer membranes.