Covid-19 Rates are Rising. Highly Infectious Virus that Attacks the Respiratory System

Covid-19 Rates are Rising. Highly Infectious Virus that Attacks the Respiratory System

Apr 6th 2022

Covid-19 Rates are Rising 

People are tired of Covid. With the pandemic well into its third year, people have had enough. But, just because people are over Covid doesn’t make Covid over. People are still getting Covid, and worse, people are still dying every day from Covid-19. Some organizations and schools are revisiting mask mandates, but not all of them are following suit.

Why Covid is Dangerous 

Covid-19 is a highly infectious virus that attacks the respiratory system. It stems from the SARS family of viruses and has so far killed millions of people and left many more with life-long respiratory complications. One of the reasons Covid is so dangerous is that most people can already have the virus doing massive amounts of damage to their lungs without ever knowing they are infected. With most infections, your body sends out signals that it is being attacked and you start to feel the symptoms. But with this virus, it has the capability of blocking this natural warning system, That means by the time a person is aware they have Covid, they will have already infected many people. It also means that the virus has already done irreparable damage to the respiratory system.

Why Cases of Covid-19 are Rising 

It’s been difficult to get on top of Covid. As it continues, so do the variants of the virus. It seems that each new wave spreads even faster. The virus keeps spreading for several reasons.

1. Vaccinations 

There are still many people who can’t or won’t get vaccinated. Those who can’t need to take special precautions when going in public and attending events with larger crowds. People who don’t trust vaccines are risking their own health and lives as well as those close to them. It’s not difficult to understand why people might be wary of vaccinations, but they shouldn’t be. As mentioned, Covid is part of the SARS virus. The first outbreak of SARS was twenty years ago. That means there are already existing vaccines to stop SARS, and because Covid is similar,it did not take long to develop the vaccine.. Once scientists were able to isolate what makes Covid, Covid, it was simple enough to develop a vaccine based on what they already had and what they were able to learn about Covid. There is also a school of thought that because you can still get Covid once you are vaccinated, then why bother. Death. That’s why bother. The vaccination will help stop contracting the virus and certainly keep you out of the hospital and prevent you from dying from it.

2. Education 

Too many people equate the flu with Covid. This is a mistake and a deadly one at that. While people do die of the flu every year, the flu and Covid are completely different. With people getting information off the internet and social media, or worse, their angry right-wing uncle or politicians, then it’s not hard to see why cases are rising. When someone we know and trust tells us that everything is fine, we tend to believe them. This is extremely unfortunate, but mostly for the general public. The people telling you everything is fine already know it isn’t. They are also vaccinated, regardless of what they say. Listen to the scientists and reputable news sources. Find out what is going on in your own town, or neighborhood. Disbelief or misinformation is costing lives every day and it doesn’t have to.

3. Ennui 

People are simply fed up. They are tired of talking about it, hearing about it, tired of missing out, and have had enough. No one wants to wear a mask and social distance any longer. It’s easy to understand that people are fed up. They want to get back to ‘normal’, whatever that means in their world. People are often weighing the odds, and taking unnecessary risks because they don’t think the health risks are that serious. This type of behavior is growing. People are attending large gatherings again without knowing the status of other attendees. They may spend hours right next to someone who is not only infected but unvaccinated. This means that the virus is going to be spread significantly before the end of that day. Just because the individual doesn't get Covid, they can still pass it on to countless others. It’s not just individuals. Many businesses, organizations, and schools have not only reopened, but they are not mandating any Covid precautions. When left up to people to make up their own minds, many will not make the smart choice.

Stopping the Spread of Covid-19 

We already know what it takes to stop Covid, but at least slow it down. Don’t take risks with your health and the health and well-being of those around you. You may be young and vaccinated, but that doesn’t mean you are immune. You can still get and spread Covid. Take precautions when you are out in public and follow the guidelines set out by your local or federal government. Wear your mask in public places and in larger gatherings. If this means you have to wear it all day if you work in a large office or go to school, so be it. Wear the masks that are recommended, as well. Get your vaccinations and boosters as soon as you are able. 

There is no virus or microchips in the vaccine. No one is trying to infect you and there is no one who gives a monkey’s about what you get up to during your day. Wash your hands. 

Do adults really need to be told this? Apparently. Avoid attending large gatherings, like concerts, as the risk is extremely high. Be smart about your health and the risks to your family and loved ones.