Swabstick, Cotton Tipped Applicator 3" Sterile, 2/pack, 100 packs/box


MF-DUK 9013
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Product Overview

The Cotton Tipped Wood Applicators, available in a 2-pack, are versatile and useful tools for various applications. They are made from high-quality wood with a cotton tip. The wooden shaft provides stability and control during use, while the cotton tip ensures gentle and precise application.

The cotton tip is designed to be hygienic and disposable. After each use, simply discard the applicator to maintain cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination.

Product Features

  • Wood applicators with an absorbent cotton tip
  • Sterile 2’s available in an easy to peel package
  • Non-sterile applicators packaged in bags of 100 with a sterilization indicator strip on the bag
  • Not made with natural rubber Latex
  • Size, 3 Inch
  • QTY: 2/pack, 100 packs/box

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU MF-DUK 9013
Size  3 inch
Absorbency Yes
Application Multiuses 
Sterile  Yes
QTY 2/pack, 100 packs/box