1ml Viral Transport Medium (VTM) Collection Kits, Sterilized, Nasal Swab, 10ml Tube, Biohazard Bags, 50 kits/box, 16 boxes/case, 800 kits/case

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Product Overview

The correct collection and transportation of specimens is an extremely important part of the laboratory diagnostic process for infectious disorders caused by viruses. The VTM Collection Kits are used to collect, store, and transport viruses like coronavirus (COVID-19). Each and every VTM Collection Kit is sterilized and produced in accordance with the procedures established by the CDC for the collection and transportation of specimens. Designed for your viral testing needs with safety, dependability, and simplicity in mind.

Each individual VTM kit includes:

Quantity Item 
1  10ml VTM Tube (Screw Cap) with 1ml Non-Inactivated Media
1  Fine Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swab with Breakpoint

Each Pack includes:

Quantity Item 
50  Individual VTM kit
50 Large Biohazard Bag (4.72in x 7.08in)
1 Manual

Product Features

  • DNase & RNase free, Non-pyrogen (Endotoxin Free) 
  • Sterilized by High Energy Electron Beam Irradiation
  • Made with high molecular material polypropylene 
  • Fine flocked swabs are useful for quickly eluting specimens and collecting high quantities of cells for immediate release into transport medium
  • Anti-leakage tube prevents contamination of the user
  • Provided with large biohazard bags
  • Each kit has a unique barcode with a lot number to enable complete specimen tracking
  • Expiration date on each tube, swab, and kit
  • Manufactured according to CDC protocols for specimen collection and transport

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU VTM121
VTM Kit Yes
Sterilized Yes
Transport Media Type Non-Inactivated Media
Volume of Media 1ml
Tube Type 10ml Tube with a Screw Cap
Tube Material PP (polypropylene)
Unique Barcoded Tube Yes
Swab Type Flocked Nasopharyngeal (Fine Tip)
Swab Breakpoint Yes
Swab Size 150mm (5.90in)
Storage Condition Room Temperature
Packaging 50 kits/boxes, 16 boxes/case, 800 kits/case

Operation Process

  1. After the sample is collected, it should be transported to the corresponding laboratory for testing within 48 hours, and the storage temperature is 2-8℃. If it cannot be transported to the laboratory within 48 hours, it should be stored at -20℃ or below and sent to the corresponding laboratory within one week.