Automated Plate Heat Sealer for PCR plates, 96-Deep Well Plates with Touch Screen


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Product Overview

The film sealing on FS-FH10, which utilizes thermal pressure technology, is tight and leak-free. The sealer can seal 96-well deep well plates (2.2 mL and 1.6 mL) and PCR plates, effectively preventing sample loss and cross-contamination. This equipment is easy to use and can completely automatically heat seal both metal and transparent thermal sealing film.

Product Features

  • Touch screen display, convenient and intuitive operation
  • Excellent sealing, no evaporation, high consistency
  • Adjustable heat sealing temperature parameters
  • Compatible with foil and transparent PCR films
  • The corresponding adapter and plate are placed on the loading platform
  • Fast and efficient, 20 seconds to complete filming
  • Flexible and adjustable parameters with the rolling frequency (1-9999) and rolling values (1-3)
  • Quiet for comfortable working environment
  • After the sealing, the plate will be automatically out from the instrument

Technical Specifications

Model FS-FH10
Dimensions WxDxH 338mm (13.3071in) x 228mm (8.97in)  x 425mm (16.73in)
PCR Reaction Plate PCR reaction plate without skirt, half skirt, full skirt, Elisa plate, Deep well
Sealer Film PCR heated sealer film (Thermal pressure technology)
Running Times 1-9999
Plate Type for Sealing
PCR plates, 96-well deep well plates (2.2 mL and 1.6 mL)
Power 450W
PCR plate adapter, 96-well deep well plates(1.6 mL)
Weight 33. lbs

Operation Process

  1. Connect the power, turn on the power switch, the screen gets lit, and the instrument is going on self-test;
  2. After the self-test is passed, the screen will display the main interface, which is the heat sealing operation interface.
  3. Install the rolling film and set the appropriate feeding length of film.
  4. Click the Set button on the heat sealing interface to enter the heat sealing temperature parameter setting interface, where you can set the corresponding temperature and time parameters according to the sealing film requirements;
  5. After setting the parameters, click the back button to return to the heat sealing operation interface.
  6. Click the heating button in the heat sealing operation interface and wait for the heating block to heat up.
  7. The corresponding adapter and plate are placed on the loading platform.
  8. When the actual temperature reaches the set temperature, the screen displays that the temperature has been reached. Press the start button, and the instrument will automatically complete the sealing film work;
  9. After the sealing, the plate will be automatically removed from the instrument.
  10. Take out the sealed PCR plate or 96-well deep well plate.
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