Automatic Film Sealer for Lab PCR Plate Microplate Sealing Machine with Touch Screen (Smart)


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Product Overview

This FS-A20 automatic film sealer machine offers reliable sealing for different types of PCR plates. The innovative rolling design avoids sample loss and spatial cross-infection, ensuring that your samples are as safe as possible. It can be applied in conventional PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and fluorescence QPCR (Qualitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) to optimize the experiment run.

This machine is easy for operation, flexible to set software parameters and rolling value. Rolling frequency can be moderated according to the requirement of the experiment so that an assortment of brands of pressure-sensitive films and reaction plates can be well applicable.

Product Features

  • Touch screen display, convenient and intuitive operation
  • Excellent sealing, no evaporation, high consistency
  • Fast and efficient, 20 seconds to complete filming
  • Flexible and adjustable parameters with the rolling frequency (1-9999) and rolling values (1-3)
  • Quiet for comfortable working environment
  • Adapters are easy to replace and can be customized according to experimental requirements

Technical Specifications

Model FS-A20
Dimensions WxDxH 362mm (14.252in) x 178mm (7in)  x 291mm (11.456in)
PCR Reaction Plate PCR reaction plate without skirt, half skirt, full skirt, Elisa plate
Sealer Film PCR sealer film (pressure-sensitive type)
Running Times 1-9999
Rolling Position 1-3
Weight 2.5 lbs

Operation Process

  1. Plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch; the instrument will automatically self-test and display the main interface
  2. Place the prepared sample in the PCR plate, tear off the sealing film and stick it on, then put the PCR plate with the film on the sealing instrument, paying attention to the holes to be aligned and put flat.
  3. Press on the value of roll pressure (1-9999) and set the number of times to be run to 1.
  4. Press on the roll pressure value (1-3), 3 (the maximum pressure value)
  5. Press running, the instrument automatically enters the work bin and quickly performs a pre-roll press and then another roll press. This is a complete running round.
  6. At the end of the run, the instrument automatically leaves the bin, and the screen displays ‘Finished’.
  7. Take out the sealed PCR plate
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