BD Vacutainer SST Tubes 16 x 100 mm, 8.5mL, Conventional Paper Label, box /100, 10 boxes/case, 1000 tubes/case


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Product Overview

BD Vacutainer blood collection tubes have been clinically confirmed and backed by several clinical studies on a wide range of analytes and diagnostic platforms to demonstrate their efficacy, performance attributes, and convenience of use. At BD, we recognize that it's more than simply a test; it's about your patient and the accuracy of your test result..

Product Features

  • Serum separation gel and clot activator
  • The clotting time of blood is 30 minutes
  • In chemistry, it is used for blood donor screening, infectious illness testing, and serum determination.
  • Aids lab personnel in more effectively preparing samples.
  • Disposal in compliance with EPA standards.
  • Inversions in the tube ensure that the clot activator interacts with the blood.
  • Box of 100 tubes

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU BD-367988
Glass or Plastic P
Tube Size 16 X 100mm
Draw Volume 8.5ml
Closure Type/Color Red/Gray Mottled
Label Type  Paper
Additive/Concentration Clot Activator / Separator Gel Additive
Sterile Yes
Tube Color Clear Tube
Type Serum Tube
Coating Silicone Coated Closure
QTY box /100, 10 boxes/case, 1000 tubes/case