Blood Pressure Cuff Barriers , Barrier BPC PED 13x5 3/8, White box/50 , case/6 box's

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MF-TID 916113
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Product Overview

Blood Pressure Cuff Barriers. Barrier Bpc Ped 13X5 3/8. Reduces Cross Contamination Between Patient And Cuff. Minimizes Risk Of Hospital-Acquired Or Clinic-Acquired Infections.

Product Features
  • The blood pressure cuff barrier has a specific size and dimensions (13X5 3/8) that ensures it fits properly on the blood pressure cuff.
  • The barrier creates a physical barrier between the patient's skin and the blood pressure cuff, reducing the risk of transferring germs or bacteria from one patient to another.
  • The barrier maintains a high level of hygiene as it prevents the direct contact between the cuff and the patient's skin, ensuring a clean and safe measurement.
  • The blood pressure cuff barrier is designed to be disposable, making it easy and convenient to use a fresh, sterile barrier for each patient and reducing the need for cleaning and disinfection.

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU MF-TID 916113
Size 13 inches by 5.375 inches (13X5 3/8)
QTY Box / 500
Compatibility compatible with standard-sized blood pressure cuffs