United Electric Control Circular 6" Charts, 7D, box/50


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Product Overview

Specifically designed for use with United Electric chart recorders. Each pack contains 50 sheets of chart paper, with each sheet having a diameter of 6 inches. Chart paper is commonly used in industrial settings to record and track various data points, such as pressure, temperature, or humidity, over a specific period of time

Product Features

  • Package includes 50 sheets of chart paper
  • Each sheet has a diameter of 6 inches
  • Designed for use with United Electric chart recorders
  • High quality paper for accurate and reliable data recording
  • Suitable for recording various data points such as pressure, temperature, or humidity
  • Provides a clear and easy-to-read representation of recorded data
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and resistance against wear and tear
  • Designed specifically for industrial applications where precise data recording is crucial

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU MD-UD-6282-240
Range 25 - -40 Non-Uniform -40 / +25 °C
Chart Size 06.000
Time Rotation 7d
Packaging 50/box