BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok, Blood Collection Set with 12 in. 25 G x .75 in tubing and luer adapter features, box/50, case/ 4 boxes


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Physician’s licensing required. This is NOT an at-home test and should only be completed in a lab facility
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Product Overview

The BD Vacutainer® Safety-LokTM blood collection set is easy, user-friendly, and safe. The safety device may be switched on right away following the blood draw and helps in preventing needlestick injuries. Furthermore, a preattached holder is available, that improves convenience and supports with OSHA single-use holder compliance..

Product Features

  • It is simple and safe to use.
  • Manually actuated safety shield
  • Color Code, Light Blue
  • Length: ¾-inch needle length 25 GA
  • 12-inch tubing Luer adapter Winged conventional needle

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU BD-367285
Application Blood Collection Set
Color Code Dark Blue
Connection Type Luer Adapter
Gauge 25 Gauge
Grip Style Winged
BD Safety-Lok™ blood collection set
Length 3/4 Inch Needle Length
Needle Type Thin wall
Safety Feature Needlestick protection, Forward shielding
Sterility Sterile
DNR (Latex) free
Tubing Length 12 Inch Tubing
Quantity  50/box, 4boxes/case