96 Well Elisa Plate High Absorption ELISA Plate Microplate, 8-Well Strips, Flat Bottom Wells, High Binding, 10 plates/bag, 200 plates/case


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Product Description

Made of polystyrene plates that act as a medium for binding. We are now delivering a wide selection of plates that cover high binding and in multiple more flexible configurations to better help our clients in the crucial research and development of Covid-19 testing. The need for equipment and components for various immuno, enzyme, and serological tests cannot keep up with the demand from the many laboratories working on testing and/or comprehending the virus, as well as potential vaccinations and therapies. As a result, we present the Finneran Porvair Covid Strip Plate testing series. Plates and 8-well strips  They are in significant demand for various ELISA tests that are performed internationally.

Product Features

  • It is made of very translucent polystyrene with a specific surface treatment procedure that allows for great protein adsorption efficiency.
  • Using a uniform, flat-bottom design, 90% of visible light is transmitted
  • Superior stability, Less than 5% coefficient of variation (CV) exists between wells.
  • Surface treatment: special treatment for high protein adsorption

Product Specifications

Catalog Number/SKU ESP-96-D
Color Transparent
Packaging 10 plates/bag, 200 plates/case
Material PP (polypropylene)
Storage Condition Room Temperature
Sterilized Yes
Light and Easy to Hold Yes
Number Of Well 96 Well / 8-Well Strips
Individually Pack Yes